How To Hack Wifi Password – WiFi Password Hacker 2018

WiFi Password Hacker

We have all been in this position. We want to connect to the Wi-Fi but we don’t know the password of any Wi-Fi network around us. We don’t have data either. Then you just have to sit there without any internet access on your mobile device. We are sure that during these times you have had the same thought that we have had – we wish we knew how to be a Wi-Fi password hacker. Well, if that is your wish then today is your lucky day, because that is exactly what we are going to focus on in this article. Note that this isn’t one of those shady websites which will tell you to download a suspicious software that doesn’t work.

WiFi password hacker - How To Hack Wifi Password 2018

Why Most WiFi Password Hacker is fake

Before we tell you the authentic method of hacking the password of Wi-Fi networks we wanted to talk about all the fake methods you can find everywhere on the internet. Here’s something you need to start – hacking a password is not a simple task. Some of the brightest minds in the field of security and IT have designed the security protocols that govern Wi-Fi.

If you see an app which claims to be able to hack passwords with just one click, they are lying to you. Most of these apps are fake and do not work. Worse, many of these apps are viruses or other nefarious applications that can harm your computer. So if anyone tells you that they have an app that can act as a Wi-Fi password hacker and instantaneously connect to any Wi-Fi, they are lying to you and you need to beware of them.

how to hack wifi

However, becoming a Wi-Fi password hacker is not impossible. There are many complicated methods of doing this but we are not going into them. We don’t want to get into how to crack WPA security or stuff similar to that. That is stuff you only learn how to do if you have been a hacker for years. Worse, the methods don’t even work most of the time. Most such methods try to exploit vulnerabilities which have been patched a long time ago. Thus any new router or any router with an updated firmware will not be hacked through the methods mentioned in these guides. You’ll spend hours on the hardware and software required to run the hacking solution only to realize later on that you wasted your time.

WiFi password hacker - How To Hack Wifi Password 2018

How to be a WiFi password hacker for real

Now that we have that out of the way, we have a method of hacking that actually works. Now, you may be wondering how we can be so confident in our hacking abilities after everything that we have said. Well, the reason we are so confident is that the solution we have is so smart that it works on most systems and routers. That is because we don’t try to crack or hack the Wi-Fi network’s security features to find out the password – that almost never works.

No, instead we use a different method which allows us to capture the password from a user connected to the Wi-Fi. The genius of this method is that it doesn’t focus on cracking or breaking any security measures – instead, it focuses on fooling the computer of the user into providing us with the password.

We will explain what we are about to do with an analogy. Imagine there was a safe that you wanted to crack open. The problem is that the lock of the safe was made by experts and is thus hard to crack. It isn’t impossible to crack but it will take hours to do so, and it may even take days. You know you won’t have the time to stand there cracking the safe for hours undetected, so that method is not usable for you. The safe you want to crack is also new and has been updated to cover all known vulnerabilities, so you can’t use any known exploits either.

What do you do in a situation like this, where the lock is virtually impossible to break? The smart thing to do here is look elsewhere. Every lock has a key. Now, you may not be able to crack the safe open, but what if you could get the key somehow? Now, you can’t just steal a key because the owner will know you stole the key for them. What if you put an identical lock over the lock, except this lock was made to record the shape of the key? This way the owner will come, unlock the lock, and not notice anything. Later on you go and remove your device, and you can see and then copy the key. Then you can open the safe whenever you want since you have the key now.

This is exactly what we are going to do, except we are going to do this with Wi-Fi networks. See, you can’t just run a Wi-Fi password hacker and get the password. You cannot break the security protocols unless you have a lot of time and years of experience in cryptography. However, you can trick another person into giving you the password. How does this work? You will be very amused when you see how simple our solution is, and why it still works on most systems. The secret behind the system is that it doesn’t attack the security of the Wi-Fi network or even the users in any way – instead it just fools the target computer.

Why our method works when others don’t

Here’s how it works. All Wi-Fi networks work the same way. Your computer detects a Wi-Fi network. If the password for it is stored in your computer or phone, it connects to the Wi-Fi network without any issues. If you do not have the password, it asks you for the password. What we are going to exploit is the first situation – where computers and phones automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network. Whenever you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network there is a thing called the ‘4 way handshake’ – which is basically a security protocol to make sure that only people with authentic passwords can connect. What we will do is put our own device here so we can catch the password.

Imagine this – what if we could pretend to be the Wi-Fi that we want to know the password of? Imagine if instead of connecting to the Wi-Fi, other users tried connecting to our fake Wi-Fi network. The point of the fake Wi-Fi network is very simple. When their computers connect to our fake Wi-Fi network, guess what they do? They supply the password for the Wi-Fi network because they want to authenticate and connect to the Wi-Fi network. This is the best way to be a Wi-Fi password hacker because the user has no idea you even did any hacking. They just connect to a Wi-Fi network like they always do, without knowing that they aren’t connecting to their own Wi-Fi but yours instead. Once you have the password you can then access the same Wi-Fi network as them.

Now, you may be wondering how we will fool their computers into connecting to our network when there is already a Wi-Fi network present. We will be exploiting something that is built into all Wi-Fi connecting devices by default. Your phone and computer always try to connect to the strongest Wi-Fi network they can. If there were two available Wi-Fi networks and your computer and phone have passwords for them both, they will check which one’s signal is stronger and connect to that one. Since our Wi-Fi password hacker tool will be on us, we can simply move a bit close to anyone using the Wi-Fi. Since our signal will be stronger (because we are closer to them than the real Wi-Fi router), their computers will prefer out network over the real Wi-Fi network.

That is also why this is the best method to be a Wi-Fi password hacker. You don’t need to crack anything. You don’t need to use an exploit. You use the basic design of Wi-Fi networks against them to gain access to them.

What you will need

Note – you will need some things for this Wi-Fi password hacker. As we said before, you can’t just run an app that will hack the password for you. That just doesn’t work. As we explained before, you will be fooling other computers into thinking that you are the Wi-Fi network they should provide the password to. You probably realized at this point that this means we will need a router which can create a Wi-Fi network. We will need to create a Wi-Fi network that pretends to be the original network, but the Wi-Fi network itself has to be real if we want other people to connect to it.

You will need two network adapters. However, there is something very important – you need network adapters that can do packet injection, which is necessary for this method to work. Most network adapters cannot do packet injection, and the ones that can are usually used by Wi-Fi password hackers. Don’t worry though – you can easily buy them online. There are many different models available but the two best Wi-Fi password hacker tools, in our opinion, are The Netgear WG111 v2 and the Alfa Network AWUS036H.

Both of these do a great job. The Netgear device is much cheaper but it still works well. You will be able to run this method with this network adapter, though you may have some difficulties. The Alfa Network device costs higher but it has an advantage – it is MUCH faster. Indeed, it may be the fastest such device you can possibly buy. This is why most Wi-Fi password hackers you meet will be using the Alfa Network device – it is the gold standard for such tasks. If you are worried about the high price you can get the Netgear device and try the method on it first. If you like it you can then invest in the Alfa Network device to make the process even easier to complete.

You will also need Kali Linux. Now, we know, if you don’t have much cracking/hacking experience you probably thought this is becoming too complicated for you. Now, it is a bit complicated, but we are going to tell you what to do at each step, so don’t worry! Kali Linux is a variant of the Linux operating system specifically designed to test security systems and other cryptographic activities, which makes it perfect for our task.

How to get it to work

First you have to install Kali Linux on your system. If you don’t want to use your laptop for this or if you want a device that is much easier to hide, you can always create a Raspberry PI system with Kali Linux on it. It will cost you only around 30-40 dollars and will work flawlessly. Once you have installed Kali Linux simply boot it up and connect the network adapters to the computer. Now we get to work.

First you need to download Wifi hacker, the tool we will be using for the Wi-Fi hacker tool. Once you have downloaded it, you need to run the following command in Kali Linux to unpack the code:

kali > tar -xvzf /root/wifiphisher-1.1.tar.gz

Once you have unpacked the code enter the directory by entering the following command:

kali > cd wifiphisher-.1.1

Now type the following command to actually run the script:

kali > python

You will get an error telling you that a file is missing, and then you will be asked if you want to install the missing file. Press y and the file will be installed. After that run the following code:

kali > python

The script will run and then it will tell you all the Wi-Fi networks it detected around you. Press CTRL + C and you will be told the numerical identity of each network. Pick the number of the Wi-Fi network you want to spoof and press enter.

Now you just need to wait for someone to connect, or you can have someone around you reconnect to the Wi-Fi. When they connect they will be prompted for a password, and this password will be passed on to you. Voila! Our Wi-Fi password hacker tool is now working!

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